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A strong and passionate leader, Alice Parnis founded Event Fusion in 1999. She built the company into a nationally recognized, successful event business, based on her diverse understanding of the entertainment, marketing and retail industries. She works relentlessly to build innovative designs and original creative concepts; a true entrepreneur, taking from her expertise in program management and facilitation, fundraising, promotions, interior design, visual merchandising and display, and of course, event management. Always a style spectator and trendsetter, Alice’s energetic and vibrant character offers a wealth of creative ideas and visionary direction.

Alice has also shared her knowledge and experience with the next generation of event professionals as a teacher at Ryerson University in The George Washington University's Event Management Program and is frequently a guest speaker at numerous universities and colleges.

“We must continuously strive to reinvent the art of event planning!” - Alice Parnis President


Outstanding Volunteer
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Supplier of the Year (MPI)
Presidents Awards (MPI)


Most Outstanding Décor
Under $100,000
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Mayor’s Recognition for Children’s Day Festival High Park